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Rainmail Intranet Server


"Rainmail Intranet Server" provides an ideal Intranet Solution for your LAN. Installing right out of the box for systems running RedHat Linux (v5.2 and up), "Rainmail Intranet Server" also cuts down your maintenance costs. "Rainmail Intranet Server" consists of a suite of servers that integrate well to give you a world class Intranet that seamlessly integrates with the Internet. The servers that constitute "Rainmail Intranet Server" are:

  • Rainmail Proxy Server for bringing the Internet to your LAN
  • Qmail based email server to give you unprecedented power and flexibility over creating and maintaining valid email addresses for your employess/staff locally
  • SAMBA based file server to help you store all your data (public or confidential) in a centralized place
  • Apache web server to build your Intranet web
  • Hylafax fax server to send and receive faxes through PCs
  • Jabber chat server for private conferencing
  • Dial-in Server connects locations within same calling area
  • VPN server connects locations reachable through internet

And all this with just a dial up connection! Here are some of the features of Rainmail Intranet Server.

  • Send/Receive emails even when not connected to Internet
  • Complete firewall security when connected to the net
  • Protect your network from viruses
  • Exploit the full potential of Internet
  • Secure remote technical support
  • and more...