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Rainmail Intranet Server


Rainmail Proxy Server
  • Complete firewall protection when connected to the net.
  • Set up accounts to restrict Internet access to a few users at specific timings
  • Disable Internet access from specific machines at specific timings
  • Simple, GUI based installation
  • Automatic dial up on request to connect to Internet
  • Automatic re-dialing when busy signal is encountered
  • Automatic disconnect on idle
  • Intelligent web page caching for faster browsing
  • Handle multiple ISP's
  • Switch between ISP's at click of a button
  • Browse the web even when not connected to the net
  • Works with ftp, irc, real audio, video live, and all IP based protocols
  • Disable/Enable internet access at touch of a button


  • Connect to Internet using Analog, ISDN, Cable modems, DSL or a Leased line.
  • Switch to backup dial up line if your permanent connection to Internet fails.
Email Server
  • Protect your network by scanning all incoming/outgoing emails for viruses.
  • Work with any existing local mail servers (MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc.)
  • Access mail from anywhere in your LAN using the browser based email client.
  • Let the included address book remember email addresses for you. Just type in the name and make your email client fecth the email address.
  • Create and maintain valid Internet email addresses for your staff/employees (Did we tell you need to have only a single ISP dial up connection?) locally!
  • Our unique "Recipient Identification Technology" ensures that 100% email delivery.
  • Automate sending/receiving emails with included automated scheduler
  • Bunch outgoing/incoming email to save on Internet connection charges
  • Send/Receive emails when not connected to Internet
  • Password protect individual mail boxes
  • Work with Outlook Express, Outlook, Netscape Messenger, Lotus Notes Client, Pegasus Mail, Eudora or your favorite email client
  • Use your own domain name to create email addresses
  • Create email addresses on our domain and share InterNIC costs.
File Server
  • Store all your data in our SAMBA based file server
  • Use public shares to store company wide public data
  • Use private shares to store confidential data
  • Password protect group of files for secure access
Web Server
  • Build an Intranet with Apache web server
  • Integrate existing documents with web server using the file server
  • Spruce up your Intranet with CGI/Perl based applications
Fax Server
  • Send a fax using Hylafax fax server
  • Users can fax computer files directly from their desks
  • Receive faxes in their e-mailboxes
  • Fax-enable applications so that documents like sales confirmations and purchase orders can be faxed automatically without human intervention.
  • Fax client (whfc) allows to view the Send/Receive/Done queues and delete one’s own faxes from the queue.
  • Receiving Faxes: When faxes come in, it is converted to TIFF format and sent to administrator as an email attachment
VPN Server
  • VPNs supply network connectivity over a possibly long physical distance.
  • VPN supports Remote access client connections, LAN-to-LAN internetworking, Controlled access within an intranet
  • Telecommuters and those who travel often might find VPNs to be a more convenient way to stay "plugged in" to the corporate intranet.
  • Authentication allows VPN clients and servers to correctly establish the identity of people on the network
  • Encryption allows potentially sensitive data to be hidden from the general public
Chat Server
  • Chat through Jabber chat server
  • Users with chat permission can converse with one another via private chats and chatrooms with the same ease of use as many other chats.
  • WINJAB, a jabber chat client for windows for file transfer, voice chat, web access, groupchat and reliable gateway to MSN.
Voip Server
  • Voip technology provides bandwidth efficiency and cost savings.
Dial-in Server
  • In a dialin server setup, users dial in through a telephone line and modem to establish a connection with a remote server.
  • Whenever an remote user wants to connect to the intranet, the user can connect through Rainmail Dialin Server.
Anti Virus
  • RIS enables identification of virus infection, quarantines infected e-mail, sends e-mail alert about transported virus and updates virus pattern files in the background.
  • Firewalls control what information is allowed into and out of your network. Typically, the firewall host is connected to the internet and your local LAN, and the only access from your LAN to the Internet is through the firewall. This way the firewall can control what passes back and forth from the Internet and your LAN.
  • Firewalls protect against unauthenticated interactive logins from the "outside'' world.
  • Firewall enforces access control policy between two networks
  • Innovative Secure remote technical support ensures that any problems are fixed within five minutes or less.
  • Works with misconfigured networks.
  • Includes a minimum 10Mb of space for your web site.
  • Unlimited free Internet access with select licenses.
  • Friendly, easy to use configuration program
  • Highly configurable, yet simple to use
  • Unlimited client connections
  • Upgrades for full licensing period
  • Responsive technical support for full licensing period
  • Comprehensive Online help
Employee Internet Management
  • Employee registration for Internet Access
  • Group Creation Depending upon Hierarchy of Employees/Staff, Department , Section of Corporate
  • Group Definitions such as Senior Management, Executive Management, Sales group, Trainee and other Various Groups can be done depending upon Corporate Requirements
  • Allocation of Internet Access Hour Wise / Day Wise to Individual or Group Basis
  • Policies Creation for Restriction of Internet Usage
  • Certain Sites, MP3 etc which are the major bandwidth eaters can be blocked/filtered
  • Services based restrictions are possible. " Yahoo Chat during 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. can be restricted"
  • Internet Access For Given Time period per day basis can be Allocated to Individual Employee or Group
  • Policies can be applied to certain individuals or groups and one or more groups can be excluded (Senior Management)
Bandwidth Management
  • Policies for Internet Access time can be created like "Restrict browsing during work hours"
  • Bandwidth Restriction on Individual Employees/Staff
Corporate Mailing Solution
  • Carizen provides Email management which can be configured for your Domain / multiple Domain based emails
  • Auto timed fetching of Mails
  • All employee can access their mail using outlook express/ any other email browser
  • Mails can be Distributed to Staff on Group , Individuals or to Single Employee
Network Security
  • Requires user authentication For Internet Access
  • Users can be allowed to Access Internet on Pre-Defined Machines/Nodes of Corporate LAN
  • Block External Intrusion to your Corporate LAN
Optimization of Internet Resources
  • Includes a high-performance proxy/cache server
  • Facilitates to Act as DHCP server for your Corporate LAN
  • Rainmail acts as a proxy server for your organization
Extensive Management Report
  • Feature-rich reporting for user, client computer, or groups
  • Web Based "Internet Usage Report" of Individual Users
  • Content Specific Reporting Organization , Group , User Wise
  • Internet Access Pattern Reporting Organization , Group , User Wise
Easy Administration
  • Easy Administration
  • Web-based remote administration from any client computer
  • Remote management throught Internet Possible
  • Single click backup and restore facility of your Rainmail data
  • Upgrades for Rainmail new versions
  • 24 Hours x 7 Days Support Guaranteed
  • Local Support on Client Premises
  • Problem Tracking and Trouble Shooting of Client Problems thru SRTS